Next Steps MU

Received a response from Kimberly, Thank you! Phew…I didn’t know it was going to be so hard. I almost accomplished all the steps that you gave me, except for the PayPal part. I am already established with them for my other site.

I want a site that works like Etsy. Please tell me the next steps I need to make. I have to tackle much today. I have to get this site up by the weekend…can I do it?

I need to know what MultiDB is too, is that what I want?

Please list all the plugins I will need. I want affiliate accounts to, I think. This should work with members. I want them to register as a member to list their items, at a low cost per year.

I want them to be able to list as many items as they want to sell

The rest of the question is from Kim and the steps she told me to take.

Reply by: KimberlyL


Looking at your first batch of concerns you should check out some basic WordPress use tutorials and info. You might find this helpful.

To create an ETSY style site you will need to take care of a couple of things first:

1. You will need to enable Multisite on your WordPress install. There is some great info and instructions on that here

2. You will need to enable Wildcards on your server so that you can create sites for your users. Your host can usually do this.

3. You will need to apply for a PayPal Merchant account and create an application to use chained payments, allowing you to take a percentage of sales from all sites on your multisite install. The instructions for the application can be found in the Dashboard>Products>Settings>Payments menu and can be found by clicking the PayPal Chained Payments Gateway and scrolling down.