Next Steps Please

I have completed the steps that Kim gave me to do, which are located on the bottom of the page. I am waiting for my application ID from PayPal.

Please tell me the next steps I need to take to get my website to do the following:

1. A membership sign-up where they will have to register to sell their items on my site, reoccuring payment each year to sell products on my site

2. Site to be set up like Etsy- they will list their products to sell and I will take a percentage of that

they can list as many items as they would like ( They will NOT have to pay to list each item, only a percentage of when the item is sold- because they will have a membership to pay per year)

3. I want them to be able to make money from their sales, and have their own account sign in so they can list their products and see their sales and the financial breakdown. How do I pay them, is there a minimum limit I set before I mail a check or pay them through PayPal?

4. Is there a way when new products are listed to automatically link it to social networking- FB, Pin etc to show each new product listed for the store owner/member?

5. Is there a link or something I can use to set up a forum to list events/shows people will be in?

6. I would like them/me to be able to e-mail followers or those who have purchased from them a newsletter, sale or new product or they can produce a coupon to send out.

7. I would like a plug-in or something where they can pay to have a banner ad or featured product ad which will rotate depending on how many people are placing ads. Is there such a thing?

8. I also need an affiliate link, so that they will send the link out to others and others can make a percentage off of the sales too. Is there a plug in for that?

I also need to know the order in which I should activate plug-ins and I need exact step by step instructions. I loved your screen shots, it made it super easy for me, which I am NOT a technical person.

Thank you all for your help! Tim, Kim, Arun, Dean!!!!

These are the steps I have completed so far:

Looking at your first batch of concerns you should check out some basic WordPress use tutorials and info. You might find this helpful.

To create an ETSY style site you will need to take care of a couple of things first:

1. You will need to enable Multisite on your WordPress install. There is some great info and instructions on that here

2. You will need to enable Wildcards on your server so that you can create sites for your users. Your host can usually do this.

3. You will need to apply for a PayPal Merchant account and create an application to use chained payments, allowing you to take a percentage of sales from all sites on your multisite install. The instructions for the application can be found in the

Dashboard>Products>Settings>Payments menu and can be found by clicking the PayPal Chained Payments Gateway and scrolling down.