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Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me with the WP Smush Pro – NextGen Gallery integration. It shows up. But clicking the the Bulk Smush Now option does not do anything there it seems.

For a quick record;

– Latest WP

– Latest NextGen Gallery Pro

– Latest WP Smush Pro

– it does work for the normal Media Library just fine.

– Support Access should be available.

I have checked console / network tabs in the developer bar aswell, and nothing seems to get noted so if anybody had any pointers that would be more then awesome.

Sidenote: site is currently a development version, so testing something is no problem etc.

Thanks in advance.,

Patrick Dankers

  • Patrick
    • New Recruit

    Hi Kasia,

    First of what a fast reply :slight_smile: Awesome!

    Well that is for the normal Media Library, and as noted that works just fine.

    If you move to the NextGen Gallery section though; it still notes 0 of 289 total attachments have been smushed. And I see no way of starting it there.

    Once logged in go to Galerij (dutch for Gallery) > WP Smush.

    Any idea on what that can be?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Patrick,

    OK, thanks for pointing the right place to check – I can confirm its not working – but I can’t replicate this on my testing site (just smushed bunch of nextgen images).

    Can you exclude plugin/theme conflict – disable all other plugins and switch to the default WordPress theme – and then try again?

    kind regards,


  • Patrick
    • New Recruit

    Hi Kasia,

    I switched of all plugins except for

    – NextGen Gallery

    – NextGen Gallery Pro

    – WP Smush Pro

    – WPMU Dev Dashboard

    Which are ofcourse needed to achieve this in general.

    Cleared cache both on server and local (ran CleanMyMac fully) just to make sure no cache related issue,

    No changes sadly. Still a not functioning button.

    installed the default twenty-sixteen theme , activated it.

    Once again cleared cache both on server and local (ran CleanMyMac fully) just to make sure no cache related issue.

    No changes. No errors or nothing in console / network tabs.

    I really have no idea why it does not do anything.

    So I reinstalled WP Smush Pro again as a last resort … still sadly no change.

    One thing I perhaps failed to not before; as I wanted to keep the images out of the normal upload dir (which is mapped different) but still it should thow at least some kind of error or notifcation if it fails right?

    Hope you have any other idea on what to do though.

    PS: I am reactivating my theme etc again as changing them did not fix the issue.

    Kind regards,

    Patrick Dankers

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