NextGen Gallery – Thumbnail Random Sorting

Wondering if anyone knows how to randomly sort the thumbnails in Nextgen gallery?

The options allow for sorting based on date, name, alt tag, etc. But not just simply ‘Randomly’ upon each loading.

Thank you if anyone knows the code to add. Richie

  • Richie
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Joe,

    Yes i found this and many other sites with their short codes but none seem to effect the thumbnail sorting.

    When i put [nggallery id=1] for example – it will only show the thumbnails in the same order each time someone visits that portfolio page.

    Tried [nggallery id=1 random max=40] But does not work.

    I am developing this locally in WAMP. Wish we had a gallery plugin here. I have a few thousand banner designs in my portfolio and i need the best way to display them to potential new clients.

    Since NGG nextgen is very popular i hope another member here also saw the benefit to randomize the thumbnails when displaying a gallery.

    Ok i will keep digging. Thank you again

  • Richie
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    Oh you know i saw the code in that syntax but i did not understand how to apply that.

    I am not at our developement computer so i can not yet test this.

    But i do recall that we did not know how to apply that shortcode. Because the shortcode in that form seemed so vague.

    This is how we show the gallery thumbs on a Page

    [nggallery id=1]

    Do we just add that to the same page?

    [nggallery id=1] [random max=40 ]

    Wish we did not have to set the max value and just random=yes /on instead of only a few. One gallery could have 400 thumbnails.

    Thank you Joe

  • Scott
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I know this is probably too late, but hopefully it will help someone.

    The correct shortcode syntax for random ordering of a NextGen gallery is:

    [random max="7" template="filename" id="2" /]


    max = number of images (I think 0 signifies all images)

    template = the name of the template you want to use on the random gallery

    id = the id number of the gallery you wish to radomise

    I think the main point of note here is that you don’t (do not) need to also use [nggallery...]

  • Scott
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks Joe,

    Personally, I’m a pure-hack (in that I learn what I need, when I need it), so I really appreciate it when someone else is able to throw an answer my way:: It’s the least I can do (especially as I’ve just finished being ‘up to the elbows’ working on my own NextGen gallery setup).

    Be well,


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