Nice work but might you consider...

Joined a few days ago and moving from a Joomla focus to WordPress because the interface is a lot friendlier for beginners but the environments, features and such are very different as Joomla is more CMS flexi-arrange and a little techie, less so than Drupal, where WordPress is simple and semantic.

I won’t say Joomla is more flexible, it has shortcomings like SEO & nesting depth and it isn’t as strong a social networking solution. Add in that developers are really beginning to flock to WordPress and Joomla begins to stand as a solution where social networks are secondary.

WordPress laps all I can find for socializing online. I’ll use Joomla where appropriate and I wish I could take the best of both systems but until then, WordPress leads for ease and plug-ins.

What I do miss is Joomla Native Menu systems, powerful and easy for advanced needs or structure but admittedly limited nesting, but you can make almost anything you need. I like this for the flexibility and that I have a true native menu system that helps define the site, not just a second thought side widget.

Also, a user has much control deciding where plug-ins/widgets appear according to that menu system.

I wish the smart people here would consider a menu plug-in that controls the site’s layout via menus (including default BP items) like Joomla, very powerful.

The default menu/cat widgets for WordPress are weak and the menu structure leaves very little for designers to start from without js or php to create top level menus that are smart.

I also wish the smart people here would consider a control plug-in that tapped into all active widgets and let you decide where they appear via the menu structure for granular control.

After that, a plug-in to force showing tag and category descriptions regardless of template would be nice too, allowing for full HTML of course.

If you where to create plug-ins that mimicked the Joomla native functionality like those above, WordPress would be a pretty fully featured CMS because those are what I really find to be the main differences.

There are probably plug-ins that can pull this off after putting a few together but who knows what mish mash one would need in addition to performance issues. One or two nice professional plug-ins that integrated would be ideal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WP, but if you understand what I am talking about or came from Joomla to WP, I’d love to know which plug-ins you use to add that functionality or something closer.

Last, I am impressed with this club, WordPress, bbPress, BP and look forward to being around a bit so one suggestion that would really bring the template club together is to take a look at rocketthemes, competition I know but nice folks. I use you both so it’s okay.

Each template demo is like a set of instructions for that theme, with features in action, to reference as you build and every theme has a map that shows module/widget locations. I’ve found myself referencing their demos as I built sites over and over, very useful.

One last request, more widget locations, please!

Good work by the way, nice templates and plug-ins, worth every dollar. It’s good to see someone is finally bringing social networks for the common person into reality and I look forward to watching the MU, BP, bbPress environment grow and flourish.