Ning Member Profile Photos are not imported

Hey Guys!

The plugin seems to be working ok, but I can´t import the images from the original Ning member´s profile.

I downloaded and installed the last version (1.0.6).

And made a test before importing all the users (also I commented out the email notification line like suggested in another support forum here)

The process runs smoothly and in the batch import process I can´t see the little avatar images next to each member´s name and email as it is supposed to happen according to your installation instructions and description. Of course, when the whole process finishes, I can´t see the profile photos in the member´s profile. I can only see a couple of profile photos which I asume the plugin is getting from gravatar.

Also I downloaded the plugin posted in VeBailovity´s response to someone who had the same problem, although the photos didn´t show in the member´s profile, the difference was that during the import batch process I was able to see a little default/empty bp avatar next to the member´s name (not the real photo).

I would really appreciate your answer as we subscribed to your premium service for this plugin only.

If you need loging in information and files to try it in our server, let me know.

Thank you very much.