No abililty to log in!

I just registered for the first time with WPMUDEV. The first plugin I installed was: snapshot. It seemed to install fine, then I went to follow instructions on how to configure it. But, clicking on activate took me to a blank screen - now (YIKES!) I cannot even get back to a login screen for my entire WP site! Please, please help pronto.


  • PC
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    Hello Derek,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    This generally happens when the plugin does not get installed properly.

    I have a suggestion here.

    1: Login to FTP
    2: go to wp-content/plugins
    3: Remove the snapshot folder
    4: Try to log back in to your WP site and that should sort that login issue.
    5: Download and install our Dashboard Plugin
    6: Activate it using your API Key
    7: go to the plugins tab of the dashboard plugin and install snapshot again.

    Lemme know how that goes for ya !

    PS : I said I have "A" suggestion however I had quite a few :wink:


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @dsdohn, I'm very interested in help you figure out the conflict. Once you get back into your dashboard can you tell my some things about your system,

    1. What plugins are you running? Sometimes there is a function name collision with other plugins.

    2. What theme is installed and active?

    3. Do you have access to your wp-configi.php? This would help to enable debug mode in WordPress. So instead of a blank screen you will actually see the error where WordPress stops working.

    et me know.

  • dsdohn
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Paul, Thanks. I'm looking into this now. My environment is pretty fresh, pretty plain-vailla. I've got a multisite installation running 'Persuasion' theme from MySiteMyWay, with BuddyPress installed. Not very many plugins at all (jetpack, plus a couple from you guys that successfully installed-Ultimate Branding and e-mail newsletter).

    Are you online now to work with me? I'm under considerable pressure to resolve the snag. Thanks. -Derek

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