No Access to subdomain… same hassle like last week

Hi there,

last week ASH was so kind to help us out with the trouble we had about blocked access to our sub domain… Ash you were so kind deactivated all plugins and we gained access to the sub domain again. (see support request

Today we requested help regards new update for Multi-DB… and we followed advice too (

After that, we experienced the same trouble we had last week NO ACCESS to sub domain

We deactivated all plugins… BUT there is still NO access at all… Obviously incompatibility to plugin is not the real cause why we experience this trouble.

For this support request we granted server access. As you can see, currently NO PLUGIN is active… therefore the trouble MUST be an issue with multi-db as this is the only feature we touched today. Since then the hassle is given…

Please help us out to find the real reason for this problem. By this occasion – WPMU Dev Dasboard does not refresh anymore after updating the multi-db as recommended. Would be great if you could solve this issue as well.

NOTE: We made already backup of Database!

Looking forward to hear again.