No automatic site activation after PayPal Payment

Dear Experts

Hope you have a good day! Thank you for providing a such great plugin incl. great Support for Payment. I think you have really good plugins here and I also appreciate the way you are providing Support, really great!

The Problem:

I have setup Pro Sites with the "Pay to Blog" option. I set two payment options, Manual and PayPal (not Pro, afaik this doesn't exist in Switzerland).

– I have tried the manual Payment, and it worked. Of Course (as in the nature of Manual payment) I Need to confirm the payment, and after that the site is available.

– I have tried with PayPal payment and recieved payment confirm (Money has arrived on the PayPal account), but for some reason the Site does not get activated.

It Displays that I have to pay and there is a hint on the payment page telling me "There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed".

I had expected, that suddenly after CreditCard Payment (PayPal) the site becomes activated automatically. Is there some Kind of "Delay" or do I have something wrong configured on my site? Is it working as designed or is it wrong?

Maybe the Problem has something to do with one of my last changes on my Site, I just moved the Primary Domain from to (Export DB replace old Domain with new and re-import, updated wp-config.php. I don't know it this could have something to do with the Problem or not. I am running other plugins as well, but nothing that I think would disturb the pro Site. Please find a screenshot of the message attached here.

Kindly requesting your assistance.

Admin Access on the Website is activated and in case you wish to get in contact with me (Skype, Phone, E-Mail, iMessage/FaceTime or WhattsApp call) I would appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,