No automatic user creation in Ultimate Facebook?

I noticed this only after downloading it. My previous experience was with Simple Facebook Connect which creates users automatically (but does not work in Buddypress).

Is this possible in Ultimate Facebook in some way?

  • DavidM
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    Hi babychen and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I rather thought the plugin did automatically do that as the Login with Facebook option would suggest. I'll double check with some folks over here on that, but have you tried that option yet?


  • babychen
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    Hello @ Davidm @Phil

    Sorry about the delay - I had already installed another plugin, so had to revise some plans to reinstall Ultimate Facebook to check.

    Here is what happens. This is a WP+Buddypress install (not MU)

    Scenario 1:
    I am not logged into the site, and logged into Facebook. When I click on Login with Facebook, I get logged in and can Like, Send and Comment without any problem. Working as expected.

    Scenario 2:
    I am not logged into Facebook. When I click Login to facebook, the popup appears, asks for permissions etc and logs me into Facebook and the site. I can Like, Send and Comment. Working as expected.

    Scenario 3:
    I am neither logged into Facebook or the site. I enable the Register option in the widget and click it. It opens, and asks me to fill out a form. I use the prefill info by logging in opiton. It refuses to register me (but logs me in instead). A new user is not created in WP. Tried a dozen times to be sure. (Anyone can register) is enabled. Not working as expected.

    Scenario 4

    I don't use the prefill option and try to sign up for a new account. Does not work.

    @ Phil - I am not logged into the site when I try these. Logged out of Facebook and the site both each time.

    Another point. When I login with Facebook (not register) the login with Facebook button does not change. It still says Login with Facebook button. The convention is that it displays the user's avatar, and a message Logged in / Sign out to tell the user that he has actually logged in. Every user I told to log in with it got logged in, but the unchanging button confused all of them.

    (With WP-FB Autoconnect, when a user clicks the Login with Facebook button, he is automatically logged in and registered in WP both. That is what I am trying to achieve here in the end, as my users won't go through a registration process. They would be happy to become members, but no one would bother filling out a form! The registration form is a hindrance to gathering members.)

  • babychen
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    Tested it. Everything is the same. Its a problem with planning how the plugin works, I think - not about other issues! Please show me a site where the plugin is working as expected, and then I can cross-check it against how it works on my test site.

    Apart from the points I mentioned above, now even the Register option is not appearing despite checking it in the widget settings.

  • Philip John
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    Can I just confirm that you are using the same Facebook account throughout all those tests?

    If so, you will not be able to register using a Facebook account which you have already used to login. Once you login the first time you will be remembered.


  • babychen
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Managed to fill out the Register with Facebook form, finally. But I just got redirected back to the homepage. Logged in and checked, and no user is created. The registration option is not working, thats for sure now.

    All the points I mentioned above still remain.

    Still unusable - works perfectly if all you want is to get people to log in. But there is no automatic user registration (like with WP-FB Autoconnect), so sticking with it for now. This is a plugin that promises a lot, and probably worth paying much more too - but everything has got to work for that!

  • babychen
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    Figured out why registration was not working - the blue Register with Facebook bar on the new account page didn't strike me or anyone in my workplace as a button!! None of us bothered to click it. Noticed that only when I watched your screencast. I think a redesign of the button or some space between the button and the regular form fields could help.

    So it could be:

    Register with Facebook (button)
    OR (text)
    Normal registration fields.

    Could you look at my original issue - no automatic user registration while logging in with Facebook (like it happens with WP-FB Autoconnect?)

  • babychen
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello Phil,

    I can see that you have registered - and there are usernames for you. Registration is working for sure. I can register too without trouble now. The confusing button etc can be fixed, not a problem now that its working!

    What is missing is automatic user registration while logging in (not registering). Is this part of the plugin like with WPFB Autoconnect or its not there at all? For example, I can just login with facebook and no user is being created automatically - but if I register, it happens. Is this how its meant to be?

    I have a feeling thats the case. In that case, I am sticking with my current plugin that does automatic registration.

    Pls let me know.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • babychen
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks Phil. The idea here is that when a user clicks on the button (login) he does it because he wants to sign in to the website. He has done it because he wants to be a member, unless there are specific benefits to gain from just signing in. From my experience, almost everyone expected to become a member when they clicked Login with Facebook.

    Giving them an extra step like registering is useless. They click the button because precisely because they want to become members instantly, and without typing anything. A separate registration form is an obstruction.

    Guess I'll close this thread now. Some of the other important points I have mentioned above - such as a signed in message when they have signed in - now the button remains the same, confusing even those who have signed in.

    Perhaps you could implement Ultimate Facebook on WPMUDEV and you will notice these issues instantly!! :slight_smile: All the best.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    In the latest release (v1.0.5, just released), there is a new option in the plugin settings, labeled "Allow single-click registration", which may be what you needed. If enabled, the "Login with Facebook" button will work as a single-click register button for your new users. Also, the Connect widget will now display the logged in user Facebook avatar in addition to the logout link.

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