No body replies on forum


I tried to post two queries on forum for getting help. But i was shocked to see that no body has replied or even seen it.

I see lot of people claim here as buddypress experts but none of this expert has time to give me advise.

Is this forum run on some rules and if i am missing some rule then please let me know.

May be i am doing some mistake in writing or have posted at wrong place or so.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Are these the threads you are referring to?

    i am not a buddypress expert, but i can help you understand the support here.

    When you place a post on the forum usually members will be the first to respond, but staff is required to respond to every thread.

    How long it takes depends on the time of day, and the day itself. The staff is scattered across the globe, so usually respond quickly, but like all humans they need sleep, eats, drinks, days off, and have other projects/families they tend too. So they cannot be here 24hrs a day, or they will need to increase membership fees to hire more people.

    If you look up top you will see live support, there you can find the hours of live chat support on a per topic basis. usually about 2-3 chats with staff everyday are available.

    What i do to help navigate all of this is look to my future needs. If i know i will need Pro Site, i start subscribing to and following threads in advance, same with any other plugin. This keeps me on top of it before i actually need it.

    I am sorry i have not gotten familiar with BuddyPress as of yet, but @timothy loves buddypress and i believe he works today. So he might be the one that pops in here, also all your threads are posted here so when staff gets here they, will know all you needs. :slight_smile:

    Thanks bhavin_patel!

  • foodfriendfinder
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    first of all… both your posts that I see say you started post 3 hours ago..then after 2 hour you start this thread saying no one answers you…

    You have my sympathy.

    I’m not sure where you are located but it is late at night in north america and the day is just starting in Europe I believe.

    you are asking for something that isn’t available with any of the plugins/themes from WPMUdev.

    Have you tried to install Buddypress?…or looked at the many videos re. Buddypress on Youtube?

    Have you posted a thread on Buddypress forums where I would guess are some as you would call them experts.

  • bhavin_patel
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    Thanks for all responses. Also my post and my support request not to blame or some thing. I really appreciate this site and all the content and plugins and thats y i payed to be member of this site. So once again its nothing to say bad or so. Just i raised request to check if i am not posting wrong request in wrong section.

    foodfriendfinder: yes i know there is no plugin of such kind here but i just shared here to get some expert guide as i feel this site has lot of buddypress expert form which mit get some help.

  • bhavin_patel
    • Flash Drive

    MTB1701: link is

    I had just installed a plan WP with buddypress and had done some modification in registration profile fields. Nothing much more in terms of themes and all i have just started working on this. And this i am doing for my self not for any other third party.

    I am looking help for above link.. domain may not be permanent i may change domain on final launch of site.

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey Bhavin,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Sorry for the delay in response on your other threads. The threads are taken care of on FCFS basis and then are sorted on last response basis and at times there are loads of them.

    They are certainly being looked into and you will be given the best advice.

    Cheers, PC

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