No cart visible and items not making it into cart

2 issues with MarketPress.

1) when you add an item to your cart, then go to your cart, it just says "your cart is empty." I have tried on several browsers and deleted my cache and the site's cache as well.

2) (this is the biggest problem) when you add something to your cart, you expect to then see a button saying "go to your cart" or some intuitive way to be able to find your cart. There isn't any. You have to go to the navigation and find the drop down to take you to the cart, or you have to know that there is a "my cart" widget in the sidebar. Obviously those are not very intuitive options for average users. I have tried the floating cart plugin (which is ideal) but it will not work with my theme; there is some kind of conflict.

Any ideas for solving these issues? Thanks!