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Hi, i installed WP smush pro. i bulk smushed all the images on the site. i see next to the image info theres details about smush. however when i load the page the same full sized uncompressed images load. i also turned on PNG to JPG conversion. however im still seeing all PNGs

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello kenzan boo,

    I hope you're well and I apologize for the delay!

    I've checked the site and it seems that images that are used there are original size images.

    When you upload images to WordPress, WordPress is creating multiple additional image files out of the uploaded one - using various registered images sizes. By default Smush is only processing those additional created files, leaving original ones untouched.

    If such an original image is added to the site (instead of any of the smaller/generated version of it), it will still remain the same on site, even if smush was run on it. That is, with default settings.

    This can be changed. To do this, you would want to enable "Smush my original full-size images" option and re-smush images.

    Additionally, make also sure that images used are in fact in Media Library ("Media -> Library" in your site's back-end), as only these will be processed by Smush. If an image is not listed in Media Library, you'd want to use "Directory Smush" option additionally to optimize it.

    As for PNG to JPG conversion. On a homepage of your site I see some photos that are JPG images and they seem to fall under the "original images" category as explained above. There are also some smaller images (icons-like) that are still PNGs. However, they seem to be transparent PNGs. Such images will not be converted to JPGs as JPG format doesn't support transparency. Only non-transparent PNGs can be converted. Also, after conversion you might need to manually replace images' URLs on site (in posts/pages/design) to point to JPG versions instead of PNGs.

    Kind regards,

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