No concurrent login

To prevent users from sharing their accounts to non members , how can I stop double logins, have only so many ips or logins at a time so it's equal to registered users and have those messages that ask to log user out of second place?

  • Jonathan


    I've used your minder in the past (comes with a price tag)

    The guys over at are really a nice bunch, they are a little slow on development. But a very helpful bunch. Your minder back when I used it - did what it was made to do...

    Pulled this from the site:
    Flexible Logic system allowing you to specify the number of IP address able to access the same user account within a given period
    Chose between Soft or Hard Lockouts
    Soft Lockouts – log both parties out and redirect the user to a page of the admin choice
    Hard Lockouts – Logs both parties out and prevents re access until certain conditions are met
    Timed Lockouts – If using the hard lockout options a time delay can be placed before the user is allowed to login again.
    Email Re-activation – Using Hard Lock out the lock can remain in place until the user reactivates the account via a link sent to the email of the account holder.
    Short codes to show users IP and number of login attempts
    Blacklist IPs

    If anyone else knows of additional plugins, would love to know of them too (can never have too many options)


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