No Create Groups in BP Scholar & Group Calendar Fatal Error

Ok! Now I'm beginning to worry...

I have had 2 versions of BP Scholar in 3 days (now there is a 3rd Version 2.1.7), 3 installations (just about to do my 4th), and as I have progressed through the BP functions, I noticed that there was no obvious way of creating a Group (I noticed this the other day, but thought I'd leave it until I was ready...I was busy trying to get the Child Theme working), When I did look into creating a Group (reading the BuddyPress Manual), the mystery became apparent....There isn't a 'Create Group' menu item in the Activities Drop-Down Menu where it is supposed to be!...which also seems to be the only place from which to create a Group according to the BuddyPress Manual. Why can't they be created via the 'Site Admin' Panel?

Just before I found the above, I installed BP_Group_Calendar and got this!:

' "Fatal error: Class 'BP_Group_Extension' not found in /home/trainlif/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-calendar/groupcalendar/bp-group-calendar.php on line 142" '

I had to remove it via the Server.

I'm now going to do my 4th Scholar Install in as many days and hope that that fixes some of it.

Your assistance will be appreciated...


Stephen G

  • Tammie

    @train4lifewpmu: Are you talking about the front (theme) or back end (buddypress itself) as I just tried on the front with Scholar and the default BuddyPress and there is a create group button in both. Not sure what you refer to be 'drop down'. To see this yourself just activate the default BuddyPress theme and you'll see the same thing - it's nothing at all to do with the theme in the slightest.

    I'd suggest calmly if you think it's a theme bug activating the default BuddyPress one before claiming a theme bug as this isn't and you'd have seen it if had done that process. It's a great way to find out then you can post with knowledge or find out how it's done if something seems even odd on the default BuddyPress theme. A great process to get in the habit of as you get into more child and customisation.

    I 'think' worked out you mean the top menu yes? Well this is nothing to do with Scholar or theme just try using BuddyPress default it's the way 1.2 and greater works. Our manual is being updated but it's quite the process to update all pages so some haven't been. To create a group just click the big create group button when on groups then you can (it's in the content).

    As for group calendar I don't know but someone that can should be along soon enough.

  • train4lifewpmu

    Thanks once again Tammie :slight_smile:

    And thanks for the tip...that's a good idea :slight_smile:

    So, just to be clear, there isn't supposed to be a 'Create Groups' Menu Item in the Activities Drop-Down Menu on anything later than BuddyPress 1.2?

    I just found's a bit obscure...

    You know in all honesty, I think my frustration is coming more from the documentation than the software...

    Thanks again...


    Stephen G

  • Tammie

    @train4lifewpmu: I'd actually suggest a book for you if you're at frustration point free resources of information are one thing but having a book by you can help. : I am UK based therefore link but it's available world wide.

    As far as I know create groups is done by clicking create group in 1.2 and above. We use the default buddypress theme just like you can for testing as a bench mark to not go below for functionality. We then build on top of that to add more such as you'll see Scholar goes far beyond the default theme.

  • train4lifewpmu

    Hi Folks :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your replies and assistance... :slight_smile:


    UK ey? Well I won't hold that against ya...I'm a convict mate ;-P

    And actually I don't care which part causes issues, beyond helping to fix the problem...after 4 days of working with this stuff, I'm sure I'll get the vernacular correct at some the meantime, my concern is getting this stuff working...

    Thanks for the 'Dummies' hint :slight_smile:

    I've read a few 'Dummies' books over the years..they're usually well written and clear...perhaps you could revisit and garner some tech writing tips? Seriously it would save us all a lot of time.

    E.g. Excerpt from the BuddyPress Scholar Manual:

    "1. Unzip the downloaded zip file
    2. You should see several files and folders depending on your theme package
    3. Upload the entire bp-scholar/ folder to wp-content/themes/ (Look at this bit! And you wonder why there are all us 'dummies' out here with installation problems?)
    4. Login to your dashboard >> Appearance and activate the theme - if you using WPMU, you
    need to go to site admin and activate the theme before it shows in Appearance
    5. Your theme should be now be activated and ready for use
    *Make sure your install path is 'themes/ not themes/themes/thethemename/'
    For this theme under wp-content/themes/ you should have:

    For anyone that is new to this stuff, it's bordering on useless. And it is the ONLY actual instruction in an 8 page 635kb document. All it does is re-describe the product. It's a brochure not a manual.

    I've been here 5 days and done 35 posts. Now either I am actually completely stupid, or there is another message least a bit of both? Call me stupid, but when my clients have a problem, the first place I look is at me and my work. I've worked with a lot of programmers...not all of them are great tech writers. I don't expect anyone to be great at everything...but I do expect service, not sermons from the mount, especially when I'm paying for it!


    Thanks Aaron...I found the problem...I expanded upon Tammie's 'regression' tip and uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of things. What I found out was that the inbuilt Forum instance had not properly installed so I opted for the 'not inbuilt' install...I forget the exact term.

    Once the forum was going properly, I reinstalled the Group Calendar plugin and away she went.

    Thanks again


    Stephen G

  • Tammie

    @train4lifewpmu: I'm sorry but your statement:

    I've worked with a lot of programmers...not all of them are great tech writers. I don't expect anyone to be great at everything...but I do expect service, not sermons from the mount, especially when I'm paying for it!

    This is untrue you have not had sermons you have had support and assistance with no preaching since you joined so please do not claim you haven't. As for the manual there is 1 brouchure page, 1 front cover, a page listing all the theme options and then the rest is all faq along with what templates are what - hardly all promotion.

    The manual is just a basic guide and those steps for installing the theme are correct we also go further if you look at the theme project pages with an install guide it has pictures which I'm sure you would prefer. I think you are perhaps frustrated with other things as installing has not seemed to be the issue with your system. However, we always look at polite reasonable requests when reviewing what documentation exists.

  • train4lifewpmu

    Thanks Aaron,

    Indeed you are correct and I did use those instructions...however I was specifically referring the the 'Manual' that is bundled with the BP Scholar Theme Download.

    I get the impression that much of the documentation is understandably geared towards those that have purchased an 'out-of-the-box' package. As I did not purchase one of those it would appear that I'm approaching this a little backwards. I'll get the hang of it soon enough. :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

    @Tammie I wouldn't dignify that with a response. You should be ashamed!


    Stephen G

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