no dea what you are talking about

Wordpress was fine until I upgraded membership

I have no idea what chmod 755 is, can't find it.

no idea what htaccess file is or what I am to do with it.

you have access to the site, fix your software or remove it and refund my money.

Again it was fine until I upgraded membership!

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Steve

    I hope you're well today!

    I see you're having quite a bit of difficulty getting this running properly on your site. So let's see if we can get you fixed up right, shall we?

    However, I must ask you again to reply to this thread instead of creating new tickets every time, as that only leads to confusion. To reply, you must be logged into and do so here. You cannot reply via your WPMU DEV Dashboard.

    Also, I must admit I am a bit confused; I just logged into your site via the support access you granted and can visit/edit everything in the Membership settings, including access levels & subscription plans.

    I am wondering if there is perhaps something amiss in your admin user/role.

    Would you mind emailing your admin login credentials via our secure contact form here please:

    Please be sure to select "I have a different question" from the form options. And use this as the subject line to be sure it is assigned to me:
    Attn: Patrick Cohen

    Once I get your email, I'll login as you, and try to get to the bottom of this.


  • Patrick

    Hi again @Steve

    I hope you're having a great day!

    I got your email and have logged in as a regular admin and can confirm I now see the issue you are having when trying to edit access levels or subscription plans ( I also logged again again via the Dashboard support access and see the issue then too; apologies, it appears I had not investigated fully yesterday).

    Logged in either way, I can get to the edit screens of access levels & subscription plans fine. However, upon clicking the "Update" button in either, I get redirected to the front-end of your site and am greeted by a "Not found" message.

    Trying to update either results in a URL that looks like this:

    But the URL should look like this when updating an access level:

    And like this when updating a subscription plan:

    I'm not sure why your setup is calling membershipadmin.php so I'm currently setting up a new WordPress site in a subfolder like yours, and will first install the Lite version of Membership from, then upgrade to the premium version to see if I can replicate this issue in my own test environment.

    I'll post again with the developments. We'll get to the bottom of this. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick


    Nope, I cannot reproduce this in my test environment at all.

    I set up a completely blank WordPress instance at:

    Installed Membership from and set up the basics using the wizard. Then installed the WPMU DEV Dashboard and upgraded Membership to the premium version.

    Everything still works as expected.

    I've flagged our 2nd-level support team to get their insight into this issue.

    In the meantime, would you please send us the following information using the contact form so we can check your folder permissions (the chmod 755 thing) and htaccess file:

    FTP host: ___________
    FTP username: ____________
    FTP password: ____________


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