No details about errors

Automate is reporting a failure:
> Backup error: Today at 4:12am Please check your backup configuration.
Go to configuration and it says everything is fine because there is a backup from four days ago. Nothing about failure today.
I actually have a number of those today.

So two items:
1) Where is the detail about the failure so that I can remedy it?
2) Shouldn't the Backup activity tell us that there was a failure? Obviously Automate knows about it.


  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Tony G,

    1) Where is the detail about the failure so that I can remedy it?

    I could notice that there isn't details information regarding the failure at the moment in the Hub side. On checking this further in our backend, I could notice the following logs which seems to be causing the issue at the moment:

    Backup start error: firewall_block - It appears that you have security precautions in place that are blocking remote updates. Often these are in a security plugin, firewall, or .htaccess file. To enable remote updates you might need to whitelist our IP .

    Do you have any firewalls configured as stated in the logs? Maybe you could try whitelisting these IPs, and see whether it helps with Automate trying to create a backup:

    2) Shouldn't the Backup activity tell us that there was a failure?

    I'm afraid, the error listed in the Hub is generic, and hence it was pointing to backup activity. Unfortunately the current issue stated above is more related to how Automate handles backups, and hence it isn't listed in Backup tab in Hub.

    I'll be bringing this into the developers attention, so that detailed logs could be implemented in the Hub side for Automate, so it would be much easier to carry out troubleshooting process for the members.


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I use OpenStack to manage my security groups (as I believe you guys do with DreamObjects). It looks like you have a couple new IP addresses in there. I need to write a script to go around and open access to your systems, and right now I'm having issues in that area. So, thanks for the info, I think it will be resolved soon and I'll close this ticket.

    I requested some automation to notify us when changes are made, specifically to avoid this scenario, again. I hope that ticket gets some love. Consider a new site webservice end-point that simply returns a list of your servers that do remote connections to our systems. We can poll that occasionally, do our own automation magic to poke holes for you, everyone wins. Thanks.

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