No "Edit Details" link for some plugins

I'm still in setup mode. I've noticed that some plugins in the list do not have the "Edit Details" link. I can't see a pattern to which ones do/don't. Hoping someone can direct me on how to fix, or at least why some don't have the ability to be edited.

  • mabraham1
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    Hi Ash,

    I don’t know what you mean by “send you a plugin”. Do you need all the files? I attached a screenshot (previously) showing one that doesn’t have the Edit Details link….and you could go download that one if you want (it’s on

    I’ve also turned on support access to my site. You’ll be able to see that there are multiple plugins that don’t have the link.

  • Ash
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    Hello @kalico

    I hope you are doing good.

    I thought those plugins are premium. Thanks for enabling support access, I have taken a look at your setup. The “edit details” link is not available for those plugins which are network only plugins. That means the subsite admins won’t see those plugins and they can’t activate or deactivate.

    Pretty plugins will show your customized text to the subsite, so as these plugins are only for network mode, so not available to edit their details.

    Have an awesome day!



  • mabraham1
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    Thanks, Ash. So….where do I put in a feature request? :slight_smile:

    It seems a bit presumptuous of WPMU to decide which plugins I might want to modify the description, image, or title of. Or categorize….which is a huge feature I was hoping to use for all my plugins.

    For my case, the only reason I installed this plugin is for my own use: as the superadmin, running a multisite with a large number of plugins, it’s very hard to remember which one does what based solely on the descriptions the plugin authors write. Even the plugin titles are hard to figure out sometimes. And of course, they are not categorized in any way.

    So my whole reason for using this plugin has nothing to do with sub-site owners, and everything to do with the entire network of plugins.

    Unless there is some technical reason why these network-only plugins cannot be modified by Pretty Plugins, I really hope WPMU will reconsider the way this plugin functions and the variety of use cases that it might be good for and remove this (apparently pointless) limitation.

    Thanks for hearing me out. :slight_smile:

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