No email required plugin causes issue with users being admins of their blogs

We are using Pro-sites at Sports Blog Net.

Essentially, we restrict access to a new users blog until they pay first with the Pay to Blog Option.

All was working fine for the past few months.

Just today, we activated the No Email Required Plugin because we realized that we won't really have a serious issue with spammers anymore, and spammers can get around the email verification easily anyways.

Once we tested the signup process, everything seemed to work smoothly. You sign up, the email verification gets bypassed and it gives you a password right there.

Once you log in, you can go to your blog to pay for it, but then the screen says that you are not the administrator of the blog that you just created.

If you go directly to the blog address, it displays the screen that says that the blog needs to be paid for, but there is no link to "re-enable now"

If you wait ~5 minutes or so, magically everything is fixed and the "re-enable now" link is there, and it says that you are the admin of your blog. But does anyone know the reason for this?

I have repeated the new user signup process 4 different times and each time, I get these issues until about 5 minutes passes, then it works fine.

We are trying to make the sign-up process as fluid as possible, so we took out the email part, but if users have to wait 5 minutes to be able to pay for the blog, that might be just as worse.