No featured front page - 'homepage' is picked up on blog page


I'm using the business theme for a wordpress site, but not installing buddypress in this instance, just want to use the theme for a regular site with blog...

I've setup 6 pages and ordered them appropriately in the page settings, the menu automatically picks them up, that part is fine.

I then go to my 'reading' settings and set the static page to 'home' and posts page to 'blog' as you'd normally do in this situation. However there seems to be a conflict with the business theme options wanting to feature a frontpage.

If I select 'home', the homepage copy is replicated on the blog page and the page appears twice in the navigation unless you check 'no' to this appearing in the navigation. If if select 'blog' the post appear on the blog page, but I end up with two navigation items called 'home'.

I can't work out how to just have the posts on the blog page and my homepage as a static page with only one navigation menu!

Kind regards, Ben