No free sites?

I do not want to offer any free sites on the network (unless there is a coupon of special offer of some kind). Is it enough to simply set up paid levels without setting up a free level? Are there specific mods needed in setup?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey ProSapien.

    To ensure no free blogs are given out, you can activate the addon, Pay To Blog. :slight_smile:

    Admin --> Network Admin --> Pro Sites --> Modules/Gateways


    In there you can activate Pay To Blog. This will allow people the option to sign up, create a blog but not be able to use it until they are paid up.

    Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

  • Clifford P

    So is there a native option to allow certain sites to have a coupon code or some other way to have a higher level that they didn't pay for (at least via PayPal)?

    Example 1:
    Get paid $75/month
    Requires me to invoice them.
    Pays per quarter.
    I receive check in the mail, cash it, and then give them the level they want (not the free level).

    Example 2:
    "Grandfathered" sites.
    Site usage used to be free.
    Now for same functionality, requires $30/month.
    But all "those" sites get Grandfathered in so they're free forever.

    Is that part of this plugin already?

    Thank you.

  • Timothy Bowers

    You can put them on any level you wish, then pop into the Pro Sites admin area and extend their membership by making it permanent.

    Admin --> Network Admin --> Prosites

    And enter the site ID. You can also access that same edit screen for a site by going to :

    Admin --> Network Admin --> Sites --> All sites

    And click on the item under the Pro Sites column.

    Then manually extend to make it permanent. You can choose the level there as well.

    Take care.