No hooks to remove styles

eab-events-front_page_editing.php Plugin, on Line 210 contains this:
add_filter('the_content', array($this, 'the_editor_content'), 99);

Which attaches the editor to the content, but it also goes in further and enqueues scripts and styles, which I can't remove from my functions.php with wp_dequque_style/script, because I am supposed to attach that function to wp_print_styles, not the_content.
Currently this requires me to edit/hack the plugin, because the plugin contains breaking changes (overflow applied to some fields) in the design. Or I have to start a specificity war. Both outcomes are equally bad, because if the plugin is going to be updated, my changes are going to be overwritten.

Only solution I can see here is to copy-paste the plugin and create my own from the plugin, but then it defeats the purpose of a plugin, doesn't it ? This happens all over Events+ plugin by the way - these are not the only styles I can't remove.