NO import of Pictures in media lib and NO featured images despite perfect post text and taxo synchro

Hello support team.
I'm trying to synchronize two wordpress blogs (totally separated NOT in a network) through autoblog.
The WP version is 4.0 on the two sides.
All the posts are synchronizing perfectly well, including their categories only remains the issue of pictures... none of the pictures related to the post synchronized are downloaded in my media library... and of course no featured image update for the synchronized post on target blog.
I activated three plugins CDN Mime Filter, Featured Image Import, and Image Import.
I tried all the options of featured Image but not the two last ones...(I usually sign my posts with a smiley...and if I choose the option 'last image found' well my featured image is a smiley...). There is no new images in the media library, and there is of course no featured image attached to the post.
What do I Miss ?
Last detail if it matters, the auto blog addons dashboard always displays 0 addons activated despite the fact than when I click on Active header I can see all the ones I activated, and of course my feeds set are showing options according to the add-ons activated too.
Thanks for your help and your support.
Best regards.