No information how no preference in Service Provider Dropdown works

I have a no preference option in my service provider dropdown, but no idea, what this option is really meant to. Does it just send appointments for that option to an extra "no preference" calender or is there any scheduling algorithm behind distributing requests to existing service providers that offer some selected service?!? Then, if not distributing, howto quit that option???

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    Hi @Dieter

    If you make an appointment using the 'no preference' selection then the appointment will be placed in the 'pending appointments' and the A+ admin will notified and they will have to allocate an available 'Service Provider'.

    If you don't want users to have the option to select 'no preference' then:-

    Login to your Wordpress dashboard as Admin
    Select A+ Settings
    Then Select the 'Working Hours' tab
    Then Select 'no specific provider' from the dropdown
    Then set the 'Work' tab to 'No' for all the days of the week
    Then Save

    You then need to add a parameter to the [app_service_providers] shortcode
    Select 'Pages' in the left hand Wordpress menu
    Then locate the A+ 'Appointments' page and select
    Then ensure the page tab is set to 'Text'

    Then change the shortcode [app_service_providers]

    From: [app_service_providers]
    To: [app_service_providers ... empty_option="Please, select"]

    This will replace 'no preference' in the dropdown to "Please, select"
    Then 'Update' the page

    Then try making an appointment and the 'no preference' shouldn't be available for selection.

    I hope this helps

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