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Hi there!

I would really like to use the domain mapping tool, to allow each site in my wp ‘network’ to use a different domain, however, I can not use an IP address for the wp ‘network’. This is because my wp ‘network’ is actually sat behind a load balancer (Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer) which is only accessible via a specific domain name (something like: The actual IP of the load balancer changes regularly.

Normally this should be fine, because I would just use a cname alias instead of an A record in the DNS zone. Is this possible with the fantastic domain mapping plugin, I really hope so!

Thank you for your time helping me!

All the best,

Laurence Pettitt

  • Dimitris
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    Hey there VuOnline,

    I hope that you’re having a beautiful day and thanks for asking us! :slight_smile:

    You can truly have a CNAME record too as long as it resolves to a A record.

    The domain health check in DM plugin settings may not work but the sites themselves should work as intended.

    Feel free to give it a try and follow up here if more assistance is required. :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,


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