No live support ? - checked the last 3-4 sessions each seems to be offline?

Hi just wanted to check if there is something on my computer limiting the live chat or if there is a holliday period or something? keept checking the Live Chat for the last few days but each one seems to be offline. then says please wait for the next one. and same thing happening.

Would it be possible to Add some kind of notice in advance or mabye change the colouring of the calaender displaying the live support to red if its unavailable in advance? (or remove the image / description if not available?) .just feels like im refreshing page 4-5 times waiting for support to start.. or waiting for it to start only to find out that there is no one to host it. (just some advance warning so i know not to waste time waiting)

I really need someone to check if @Vinod Dalvi recived the details requested for this thread -

Its quite urgent to try resolve this issue as the site is live and its having a negative impact on the brand name. Client is really pushing for a solution.