No Live Support even though it is scheduled

I have been waiting for an hour now for the plugins live support to start (10) and when I go to it it tells me that the next one is scheduled in 3hrs time…. I need urgent help with a plugin

  • marilyn_rose
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    Its actually Jon73 I got my clients to subscribe to you guys and I am having problems setting up the membership plugin. Below the posting I made under my own name…

    “I installed Membership Premium and then uninstalled it and removed the databas tables, because I made some mistakes when first setting it up so I wanted to have a fresh install to work with.

    Now that I have re installed it and activated it the database tables dont seem to have recreated themselves, I am not getting an alert to enable the plugin and I am not seeing the settings menu tab on the lefthand menu bar.”

    I have to get their paid member service setup today as they go live


  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Below the posting I made under my own name…

    I do not know what you mean?

    I will check some threads i have been gathering about the Membership plugin, i plan on setting it up soon, and it is a very difficult one to get right, and it is unforgiving to errors.

    Please advise on the question above as i look through the threads.

    I see @kimberly and @aecnu in the forums tonight so you will be in good hands should they pop in here and take over! :slight_smile:

  • marilyn_rose
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks MTB

    Well basically I installed the plugin ok the first time but then I deactivated it and deleted the plugin to start from the beginning again. When I activated the plugin after reinstalling it I noticed that the red notification bar at the top of the plugins page that advises you to enable the plugin wasnt showng. I then looked on the left for the plugin settings tab (where all the other various plugin and wordpress settings tabs are) and noticed that the settings and options menu tab for the membership plugin wasnt there.

    I deactivated some other plugins to check to see if there was confilcts and it appears there werent. I then deleted the plugin again (after deactivation) and looked at the database and the tables with what looked like the settings from my first install were still there. I then removed all the tables for the membership plugin in the database that I could see, reinstalled the plugin, activated it and was presented with the same problem of not being able to set it up.

    Is there a way I can send screenshots?

  • Tom Eagles
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    @marilyn_rose sorry for the problems with the live session. I am trying to get someone in here as soon as possible. The dev guy is actually having problems with his internet connection at the moment (so he’s waiting on another support guy). So far you’ve done everything i would have suggested, Well throwing my pc out of the window would have been on the list also.

    Ooh good news One of our other guys just opened up the live chat now… go grab him fast.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Something you can try, FTP to your plugin folder, and make sure Membership is completely removed, the go to WP update and click the re-install option, it will not hurt anything. Then re=install the membership plugin.

    There is also i code snipet to repair the WP database, i will hunt that down for you!

    Just past this in you WP-config file above the line that says

    That's it happy blogging!

    I will get another Snip Shot of the re-install WP option for you.

  • marilyn_rose
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Tom

    Sorry just was a little frustrated its 3am here in the UK and was hoping to get things up and running so I can head to bed. You guys have been great and thanks for the support.

    Jon73 (marilyn_rose is my client who holds the account… I have a free one for now though given the support level I have received could very well be looking at a full membership soon)

    Thanks again

    PS. Cant believe I missed the big blue “Add Screenshot”…well it is 3:45am here and I am severely sleep deprived

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    I have a free one for now though given the support level I have received could very well be looking at a full membership soon)

    Look forward to seeing more of you!

    PS. Cant believe I missed the big blue “Add Screenshot”…well it is 3:45am here and I am severely sleep deprived

    Web-Dev has a way of doing that to us doesn’t it! lol

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Here are some features i found under the details and usage tabs, on the plugin download page.

    I think the first one answers your question with a yes!!! :slight_smile:

    Here are just some of the features of Membership:

    “Flexible membership options and a drag-and-drop interface make it easy for you to customize your own membership site to your exact specifications. Choose the length of your membership and how often your subscriptions should renew.

    Choose to give access to all your content immediately or “drip” it out over the length of the membership.”

    Customizable levels allow you to provide some or all of your members with access to any combination of downloads, categories, pages, posts, comments, online content, videos, forums, support or anything at all you can build with WordPress.

    Control access to any content or functionality via multiple different shortcodes.

    Because Membership works with BuddyPress, you can create your own paid social network by controlling access to BuddyPress groups and BuddyPress blogs. You can create your own exclusive paid club or course!

    Convert more visitors to paying members by offing a free trial of your membership and then turning it into a paid subscription after X days.

    Charge for access to your membership site with one of the current gateways – or add your own.

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hiya, just going through some of the older threads here.

    As it’s been a little while since we last heard from you I thought I’d check in to see how you’re going?

    If you’re still looking for some further assistance with this thread then please feel free to reopen the thread or of course for any new and related issues you are most welcome to open a new thread.



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