No luck with customising default messages; fun with .po and .mo

I’m going spare trying to get this to work – but my knowledge is a bit limited when it comes to diagnosing what’s going wrong. Any pointers much appreciated, before I start hurling my computer.

I am attempting to change default buddypress messages, so that all references to “Sites” becomes “Projects”. I have followed the instructions here:; and have also closely read the guides and posts at

Here is what I have done:

1) I used Textwrangler to create and amend a .po file (created from buddypress.pot in buddypress > bp-languages > ). Fine and dandy.

2) I then used Poedit to create my .mo file

The same error message was generated by Poedit that drdave experienced in his conversion using poedit (see thread). However, I think it’s minor (?) and his seems to have worked fine.

3) I then placed buddypress-mysite.po and in

buddypress > bp-languages >

4) In bp-custom.php (wp-content >:wink: I added:

define( ‘BPLANG’, ‘mysite’ );

if ( file_exists( BP_PLUGIN_DIR . ‘/bp-languages/buddypress-‘ . BPLANG . ‘.mo’ ) ) {

load_textdomain( ‘buddypress’, BP_PLUGIN_DIR . ‘/bp-languages/buddypress-‘ . BPLANG . ‘.mo’ );


5) Nothing happens – no change. And I don’t know how to diagnose where the error is as I don’t know what the .mo file should look like (for starters).


OK – the instructions from suggest using Terminal to generate the .mo file. This is perhaps where I come a cropper?

I just don’t understand the following instruction (techie experience ends…)

It’s rather than trying to figure out how to use Terminal because I do not understand what “CD to this directory

cd /var/www/vhost/… etc