No more auto login across network and adminbar

Hi there,

I'm running a multisite with Buddypress and users used to be able to log into the main site and automatically be logged in across the network. That was perfect, because clients would be able to see an admin bar and easily manage their website (if they owned it).

But after the update to WP 4.7.1, I noticed that that isn't the case anymore. Even when logged in on the mainsite, we still need to login on the subsite.

I'm not sure if its related t the update, I was just wondering if someone could advice me on this. These are the other plugins I use on the network:

Buddypress (network)
Pro Sites (network)
Hummingbird (network)
Branding (network)
Membership Pro (main)
Join my multisite (network)
Wordfence (network)
Domain Mapping (network)
WP Super Cache (network)

I havent changed much recently and in domain mapping settings I have the cross auto login option on. So that should work.

Any advice?