No name added when new visitor posts a question

We have an issue when a user who is either a new user, or, not logged in, posts a question using the Q&A plug.

The user’s name is not attributed to the question posted, it is just blank (with a following 0) even after clicking the “Register/Login and Submit” button and then registering / logging in.

In the questions settings we have got:

“He is asked for registration” selected for “After Visitor Submits a Question or Answer” and

“Immediately publish questions and answers (Otherwise they will be saved as pending) ” is ticked.

We would like all new users to be able to browse the Q&A forum without logging in, and only have to log in if they are posting a question, so that the question can be attributed to that user.

What I think is happening is that, as the user is not logged in when the question is submitted, the question is stored in the database with no user assigned. Upon logging in or registering using the “Register/Login and Submit” button there is no longer a link between the user and the question so it is never assigned to that user.

Is it possible to allow a user to browse the site and their name to be assigned to that question when they click “Register/Login and Submit” whilst adding a new question?