No Payment Gateway and Stuck

Ok, I decided that since membership is the only one that works within the site admin (which is really what I need so that settings can be replicated when I replicate the site (since I can't replicate network settings) and also since it is simple and straight forward, blocking total access to the site until paid which is what I need then this is what I want to use.


1. I see that it works smoothly with the BuddyPress plugin and comes into play at a new Step 2. in the sign up process, and everything is cool there, I see my package that I created in step 2., but unfortunately there is no place for me to select the package, its just un-clickable text on the web page and no way to go to Step 3.

2. Also, I set up an access level, a subscription plan, and all my options and connect it to the new pages in settings. BUT I cannot add a Payment Gateway. There is no button on that page that let's me add / configure this area. Just the Apply button and Bulk Actions. No Add New.

What gives? Do I need to add an Add On or something?

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Nevermind, I figured this out
    I Created 2 Subscription types, each with a different amount and access level type.

    But in the PayPal subscription gateway settings, it doesn't let you select which Paypal subscribe button to use.... and which button goes with which Membership subscription plan.

    So is there no way to have 2 different PayPal buttons, each one connected to the appropriate membership subscription plan?

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Wait, nevermind, I tested it and the button on the second subscription plan does in fact link to the second subscribe button checkout I created in PayPal, but I have no idea how it knows to do that, other than the fact that I gave the button in PayPal the same name as the Membership Subscription Plan I created in WordPress.... is it really that smart?


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi coreymj78,

    Basically yes, Membership takes care of that, it automatically makes available the payment options depending on the gateways you've activated and made public, according to the way you've setup your subscriptions.

    As you're seeing, you just need to setup the subscriptions the way you want them and then activate whatever gateways you'd like to use and it'll provide the links to the respective payment processes.


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