No Payment Gateway and Stuck

Ok, I decided that since membership is the only one that works within the site admin (which is really what I need so that settings can be replicated when I replicate the site (since I can’t replicate network settings) and also since it is simple and straight forward, blocking total access to the site until paid which is what I need then this is what I want to use.


1. I see that it works smoothly with the BuddyPress plugin and comes into play at a new Step 2. in the sign up process, and everything is cool there, I see my package that I created in step 2., but unfortunately there is no place for me to select the package, its just un-clickable text on the web page and no way to go to Step 3.

2. Also, I set up an access level, a subscription plan, and all my options and connect it to the new pages in settings. BUT I cannot add a Payment Gateway. There is no button on that page that let’s me add / configure this area. Just the Apply button and Bulk Actions. No Add New.

What gives? Do I need to add an Add On or something?