No preference in Service Provider

Is there any form to delete the "No preference" option in the "Service Provider" drop down?

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    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Is there any form to delete the "No preference" option in the "Service Provider" drop down?

    I do not see that on my lab site. Do you have multiple providers providing the same service ? as that is the only case when it appears which is purely logical as the customer will have a choice among all the service providers providing the same service.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

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    I looked for it and I found this statement made by our lead developer Hakan.

    If you use service providers shortcode (which is optional) and a particular provider is picked up for a time slot, then he/she will not be available for that time slot any more, regardless of the services he/she is giving.

    If no preference for service provider is done, then number of available providers giving that service and available at that time slot is calculated, individual working hours are also taken into account.

    So there is a very complex logic to prevent any possible overlapping.

    Which I will also agree to.

    If you want you can use service providers shortcode to display the calendars on 2 different pages.

    Cheers, PC

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    A couple of option you may wish to consider:-

    1. Log-in to the Admin backend
    2. Select the 'Working Hours' tab
    3. Select 'No specific provider' from the dropdown
    4. Then set 'No' for 'Work?' for everyday.

    This will still allow the 'No specific provider' to be selected but will not allow any appointments to be made unless a specific 'Service Provider' is selected, thus minimising the risk.

    Another option could be:-

    1. If both 'Service Providers' offer the same services or a mix of both services then you could create a 'Services' page listing all the services with a 'Service provider(s)' button against each service.
    2. Clicking on the relevant 'Service provider' button would then take you to the appointments calendar page with the relevant 'Service Provider' already selected based on which 'Service Provider' button was selected in the 'Services' page.

    Hope this helps


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