No question, just where is everything?

I do not want to use anything but wpdev to login for anything, period. No google, no facebook, etc.

I tried to leave a comment on your post about the new design and bounces, the only reason the bounces are less is because it is extremely time consuming to look at the lists, oh that's right there is no simple list of anything, clicking to 'add more' is dumb, pardon my language. For older users it is a nightmare to simple refresh your memory of what is here, And the images rarely tell anything about the plugins. Please give us back a link to the old lists.

  • Kimberly

    Hello daansys!

    Thank you for your feedback here!

    Not everyone is enjoying the new design, we've noticed, however I believe the designers have put alot of thought into the site.

    Perhaps there are some features that you've not had to use yet?

    For instance, the plugins search now auto populates. If you couldn't remember the name of a plugin exactly then it will help you out, in addition to letting you search by your own keyword.

    And you are not forced to login with facebook (not that I am aware, if you see this PLEASE let me know). Perhaps you can use a different browser to poke around a bit to see if there is something that is not displaying or coming up in your preferred browser? We'd love to make sure you can find everything.



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