No site-wide options

I've just installed Google Analytics Plugin 1.1.5 on a multi-site / subdomain setup and I can't find the options for sitewide analytics under Super Admin -> Options

Is there a trick?

I can see the individual site options under Settings -> Google Analytics but can't find the site wide ones.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi findingsimple!

    Apologies for such a delay in answering your question!

    I'd like to get your issue sorted, but can I start by clarifying a few key points with you to help me?
    - What version of WordPress are you using?
    - Do you have multi-site enabled (I'm assuming you do)
    - Have you confirmed you're a Super Admin?
    - Where did you install the plugin to? (/mu-plugins or /plugins?)

    Those should help me to find the right answer for you :slight_smile:


  • Jason
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aaron + Phil

    Some of the info:
    - WP 3.0.5
    - Multi-site - Subdirectories
    - Yes I am the super admin
    - Installed to /plugins

    Just to clarify - so on the normal Settings -> Google Analytics page all I am supposed to see is..?
    - Tracking Code
    - Enable admin pages tracking
    - Enable subdomain tracking
    - What's Google Analytics ?
    - How do I set this up ?

  • Ivan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Jason,

    Yeah, that's how it should be. You can track your Network from the main site. And you can track any other site from a sub-stie. I am just working on an update where you will also have a second field in your Settings->Google Analytics where you'll be able to put both the network wide code and the root only specific code. You can expect the update very soon.

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