No sound notifications on private chat & reestablishing private chat pop-up problems

I want to use chat only as a friend to friend private chat with buddy press and also for buddy press group chat. I am using bottom corner chat for the private chat without public chat. Thus there is only one pop up so that it also works nicely on mobile. The problem is that the sound notifications are not working in this setup. The sound works with public chat and group chat and whenever I establish the private chat as a second pop up together with public chat but it does not work with private chat alone when user start chat by using the online friends chat widget. Unfortunately that's exactly how many people want to use this plugin for a Facebook like chat experience. I have deactivated the only other plugin using sound (ajax desktop notifications) but that's not causing the issue. It looks to me like a bug because the sound is generally working just not when you "shortcut" the private chat start without the public chat. Please fix this.

Another issue is that in the private chat only scenario the partners are sometimes getting weird html code (?) in the window when one friend leaves chat and the other after a while tries to reestablish chat. The plugin for whatever reason sort of blocks the other side from reestablishing chat because it thinks that the other side wants to block me. This is very user unfriendly and causes a lot of frustration for users. After the chat is finally reestablished by the party initially leaving the chat window some weird html code remains still in the window (probably some error code). Please make this more stable so that leaving chat window doesn't block to reestablish chat.