No Supporter Widgets in Pro Sites & Other Upgrade Questions

I’ve upgraded from Supporter to Pro Sites on our test install and have a couple questions/concerns before touching our live sites…

1. Is there no Supporter Badge widget available with Pro Sites? Is it a separate widget plugin that I must install and download? I’m not finding anywhere to include the URL for the image file we’re currently using for the Supporter badge many of our users are displaying on their sites.

2. Same thing goes for the Supporters widget which we use throughout our main site to show random Supporter blogs.

3. We don’t want to confuse members so I’ve changed the branding of Pro Sites to Supporter but the headlines on the upgrade/info pages still read “Pro Site: Blog Name” See example at

4. I don’t see anywhere in the settings to add an “Upgrade Message”. The Checkout Page content shows for any non-pro site, but any Pro Site user who visits their account page only sees the upgrade options and checkout button with no content above that. The ability to add a message here with incentives to change their subscription plan would be a big plus!

5. I will be upgrading from Supporter to Pro Sites on a number of networks I maintain, but PayPal only allows for the creation of one IPN notification URL. And it seems that the plugin will generate a different URL for each site like domain.tld/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=psts_pypl_ipn

PayPal tech support says I can use the same Notification URL on all sites, but how will that work when each site generates its own URL? I see nowhere to add or edit the IPN URL in the plugin Admin settings.

6. Same thing goes for API access. Is there any problem using the same API credentials for Pro Sites on all the different networks I upgrade?

7. Finally, I have not set up a PayPal Sandbox account. Has anyone successfully upgraded to Pro Sites without testing using Sandbox first?

OK, enough questions for now. This plugin looks like an awesome paid blogging framework, but it has honestly been the most complicated and time-consuming to update. I might suggest a little warning on the installation page about PayPal business accounts, Express Checkout, IPNs and API signatures.

Thanks again for all the hard work. Looking forward to getting this going on our live sites!