No tables in database

I go into my phpmyadmin in order to add some tables for plugins, when I get there my database is listed with the number 45536 next to it, I click it and it opens the database with 0 tables. What in the world would cause this to happen? The site works fine as far as I can tell, I just have no access to any of the tables

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    To be honest the first time I have attempted to look at the database through phpmyadmin, I went ahead and installed wpmu on which is on the same hosting account and looked at the database after the install and it shows the tables, of course it is clean, not 45 thousand, so the overload could be the problem, the user account I am logging in with is the root account for that host so it can’t be a rights issue, there are 2 databases one called schema and then the wpmu database. So I am at a loss, both of my other wp-mu sites, though the other bigger one is on another server lists the database table fine, just this on, have never seen that happen before, I agree, if it is working the tables definitely are somewhere, I am just at a loss how to get to them, I will do some more looking, I’m accessing through my hughesnet satellite perhaps that has something to do with it, the throughput and ping for the larger database on that particular server?



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    Okay, think I have found the problem but have no idea how to fix it

    “The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.”

    Is at the bottom of the front phpmyadmin page

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