No Tags getting created with Autoblog

I am using autoblog 3.5.1, with wordpress 3.2.1. I am facing the problem of no tags getting created with autoblog.

Since the last few weeks, not even a single tag gets created for any article that is being picked up by autoblog. This is not only limited to the tags from the original article, but also for the tags I asked autoblog to create for a particular feed. Looks like something big is broken since this is supposed to be a basic functionality of autoblog software.

Could this be a result of the way I upgrade Autoblog versions? Since I have seen that the WPMU notifications tool is probably broken for Autoblog, I deactivate autoblog, then delete the plugin, then install and activate a new one. During this process, my feeds are not lost as I assume that autoblog is keeping them secure somewhere and deletion of autoblog is not resulting in deletion of feed information. Could this be the reason for the issue I am facing, maybe the newer version of autoblog got a feed list for which it was incompatible or something? Or am I doing autoblog upgrade in the right and only manner possible?

I also noticed once when my feeds seemed to have got stuck that when I processed all of them manually, just for that occurrence all the tags got created correctly, but since then, again no tags till date.

Please fix this urgently or guide me how to resolve this. This is the second show stopper issue I am faced with besides the duplicate content issue.

Tanvir Kazmi