No template file being made in CustomPress

Hi there,

New to this plugin and custom posts in general so please forgive my ignorance. I have followed the instructions regarding setting up a template file in my active theme folder.

2. Select what type of posts you want to display in your Homepage.

3. Select your Custom post name that you want to create a theme file for

3. Open up your FTP program and change your active theme folder permissions to 777. (etc)

I took care to make sure the permissions were set properly and have tried to do this both in the parent theme (Twenty Ten) and the child theme and it is just not happening.

I tried to do this manually by copying the single.php file to my child theme, renaming it to single-(custom-type).php and then pasting the embed code in there but the field is still not showing up on the published page.

I am sure I must be missing something very basic and would appreciate someone giving me a shove in the right direction.