No Theme for MarketPress, but had themes for MarketPress Lite

When I installed the MarketPress lite from the and noticed that there are several themes such as GridMarket. Till I liked the MarketPress so I decided to make an upgrade to MarketPress and installed it. Then I noticed that there is no GridMarket theme!

it's like buying a beautiful Red Porsche online and had porsche delivered to your door and discovered that there's no red on your porche so you called the sales department and a sales rep told you that you need to buy gallons of red paint and paint it yourself.

I would like to have a GridMarket theme (not the GridFrame, the theme framework). Just a regular GridMarket theme so i can get to start working on my website.

I did try the SimpleMarket and there is only one Widget available and how in the world am I supposed to add more widgets so I can have the footers, sidebars, a general content and the like but that SimpleMarket theme had only one widget... am I missing something? Or maybe I am an idiot!

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    Hi! Welcome to WPMU :slight_smile: So glad to have you here in the forums.

    All of the themes for Marketpress can be used on the full install. Framemarket (which is what I believe you downloaded) is only available to premium members because it is a Parent Theme. This means that you can create custom themes that fit your style/product/business. You create these themes as Child Themes.

    The picture for the download shows a Child Theme created by one of WPMU's super talented Developers Tammi. It is actually contained in the Framemarket Install that you downloaded. Parent and Child themes can be a bit tricky, but I trust you get the idea :slight_smile:

    Here is a link to the Installation and Use instructions from the FrameMarket theme download page. It contains instructions on how to activate the Gridmarket theme. :slight_smile:

    If you need anything else or have any other questions about this you can come back to this thread to comment. Just make sure you check the "Mark as Not Resolved" box underneath the reply so we can know to come back and help you out.

    Happy store-making!



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