No Theme for MarketPress, but had themes for MarketPress Lite

When I installed the MarketPress lite from the and noticed that there are several themes such as GridMarket. Till I liked the MarketPress so I decided to make an upgrade to MarketPress and installed it. Then I noticed that there is no GridMarket theme!

it's like buying a beautiful Red Porsche online and had porsche delivered to your door and discovered that there's no red on your porche so you called the sales department and a sales rep told you that you need to buy gallons of red paint and paint it yourself.

I would like to have a GridMarket theme (not the GridFrame, the theme framework). Just a regular GridMarket theme so i can get to start working on my website.

I did try the SimpleMarket and there is only one Widget available and how in the world am I supposed to add more widgets so I can have the footers, sidebars, a general content and the like but that SimpleMarket theme had only one widget... am I missing something? Or maybe I am an idiot!