No User Login error message when logging into WooCommerce


I have a WooCommerce site using Upfornt and Issue theme. I've noticed when testing user logins and creating test accounts as a customer, that there is no error message or notification for the following user scenarios:

1) User enters wrong password or wrong email account.
2) User enters no information at all (and just clicks 'login' or 'register').
3) New user tries to register with an already existing email address.

In each of the scenarios above, after the submit button is pressed (either 'registering' or 'logging in'), the page simply reloads without notifying the user of anything (wrong password, existing email, etc...), and the login form is simply presented once again.

The only change in action that happens is when a successful login has been made, in which the user is then taken to the accounts page.

Not sure if this is coming from the theme or Woo itself, but it's not very user friendly and I'm wondering if there was a way to fix this?