No Visual tab on the editor shared hosting and 3.3

I have a shared hosting account with several sites on it. On at least two of the domains, the Visual tab is missing, and all that is available is the HTML.

I've checked to make sure that it wasn't disabled in the user profiles, and even deleted and reinstalled the wp-admin and wp-includes directories as per one of the other posts/suggestions I found here.

On this same server I installed an MU (or enabled it) along with BuddyPress, and that one seems to work just fine. My question is, could there be something in the .htaccess or some other domain specific file that is preventing the visual editor from loading?

All sites are running 3.3 , but the editor problem was present before the upgrade...would love some help


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hi Mark.

    I had this issue once, uploading a fresh batch of WP files solved the issue for me. I think somewhere in FTP one of the files just didn't upload right which was what caused my issue.

    Plugins and themes can also conflict sometimes and cause issues. You could try deactivating all your plugins and revert to the Twenty Eleven theme, then test again. If it works then there was a conflict. Re-activate each one, one by one until the issue happens again. Then you know which plugin or theme it was.

    I also recall tackling a permissions issue as well once, so you will want to ensure all your files and folders have the correct permissions recursively.

    I recall another post when researching this a while ago talking about their browser security settings causing it, but I never had that issue.

    Anyway, these are a few ideas for you to try so you can track down the issue at hand. Please let us know how you get on with this. :slight_smile:

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