No way to install plugins and themes

Hello, I'm evaluating your software for some projects I have, and I think it could be very good for them, but after installing the Dashboard plugin and signed in, I tried to install a theme and I couldn't. The same happened with plugins. The process is the following: I go to the dashboard -> plugins, click on install. After that, I'm redirected to a public url showing the plugins you have available. I click again on download (or install, I don't remember right now), and I'm redirected again to the plugins page of my site. Then, I can click on install and... the same process again. It's an infinite loop. The same happens with themes. I'm wondering if it is related to the fact that I have the site deployed locally. Anyway, I'd like to know what to do in order to test your software, and if it's possible to use it locally (cause this is key to continue using it). Thanks :wink: