Non display of mobile contents in web friendly test


I did a mobile friendly test of my website,

This message appears ” A temporary error occurred. 22 resources on this page could not be loaded. The results and screenshot may be incorrect. You may want to try again later”

The second time I tested the website 19 resources on this page could not be loaded.

It is noted only the website header banner appears at the top of the website. The contents of the website could not be loaded.The website page becomes blank except for the displayed website banner at the top and “ICV- Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV), SPRING” appearing at the bottom of the mobile screen. The middle or centre part of the mobile screen becomes blank with no contents displayed at all.

Can help to resolve this non-display of website contents on mobile screen when doing mobile friendly test please?

Thank you in advance for your help and support. Best regards.