Non-multi site version of Custom Content Dashboard Widget


Just became a member of your site.....primarily because I wanted to purchase and use the Custom Content Dashboard widget.

Under the "ad" for this widget, your site says, in a big, bold banner ...."Works perfectly with WordPress 3.1, WordPress Multisite 3.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8"

I downloaded it an installed it on my 3.1 site and it "broke" the site. Gave me a big message saying that this plugin only works on multi-site versions of WP.

Then I looked through the support form, saw that someone had a similar problem, but solved it by renaming the directory, but the support post doesn't say what they renamed it to.

If this widget doesn't work on 3.1, can I get my money back? Or will you let me know how to install it so it does work?