Non Super Admins cannot login after Domain Mapping Upgrade to 3.0.8

I just upgraded to Domain Mapping 3.0.8, and now non-SuperAdmins cannot log in to their sites. It's a subdomain Network.

Checklist: I removed the old mu-plugin, uploaded the new plugin to the plugins folder, moved/overwrote the old sunrise.php file in the wp-content folder, then [re]activated the plugin.

As SuperAdmin, I can still log into all the site's admin areas. Regular Admins, and any other lower role, cannot log into their sites.

Result: They are thrown back (redirected) into the wp-login page

This occurs even if all plugins are deactivated.

  • Joe Banks

    Hi Timothy,

    In order of questions:

    This is one particular subblog -- on a subdomain of one of the main domains.

    Parent blog: Logging in via the parent (network) blog produces no successful login, even if they're made a user of the parent blog.

    *** Addendum to above: Logging in to parent domain ( logs in successfully. ?!?!

    Twenty Eleven Theme?: This theme is not in use.

    Additional info: Logging out of sites doesn't successfully "take." The site should take you back to the login screen (Registered Users Only plugin); instead, endless repeat of selecting "Logout" from admin.

    Can't seem to establish a pattern, so I'll stop here for now.

    Aside: Was there an issue with upgrading alongside the installation of the Multi-Domains for Multisite plugin?

    Answer: Yes, with the Multi-Domains for Multisite plugin, when I upgraded to Domain Mapping 3.0.8, I overwrote the sunrise.php (originally titled dm_sunrise.php) that came with the Multi-Domains plugin.

    I'd recommend more contextual linking between these two plugin's documentation. :slight_smile:

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