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I’m using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin which works really well. My situation is a little bit trickier though and I could use some advice. We have a blog that runs on WordPress but it’s a separate installation that’s installed under, we also have a phpbb forum that’s found at

Is there a way to get these directories onto the sitemap.xml without having to add every single page individually? The sitemap plugins allows to to add additional pages, but it only allows you to add one page at a time.

SEO is very important to this site, so having all the pages from the blog and forum on the sitemap is crucial.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings timstrifler,

    Whoa … wait a minute … What you talking about – mapping entire non WordPress directories to the sitemap?

    I do not know of this, did I miss something somewhere?

    They are two totally different installations for all intents and purposes and should indeed have their own individual sites maps for their individual paths.

    I believe for SEO purposes merging them together and removing the distinction thereof of each path is perhaps a negative.

    It should start from the top on the main site splitting down (simply linking) branching to the sub sites.

    Of course going down the rabbit hole of SEO is a deep subject :wink: with as many varying opinions about the unknown/uncertainty unless you are the algorithm writer of the crawler(s).

    Do you have an idea for crawling the non WprdPress site to create a sitemap.xml for the phpbb folder?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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