NON Working Video tutorial plugin

The issue is that the videos do not work. - it would appear that the api key although matching is not being confirmed by your platform. I sent these screenshots prior to Elliott Bristow - so you would have further details.

Please can you come back to me urgently on this fix.

API = Moderated due to security reasons. You should never post your API key anywhere on the forums.*

VIDEO ID is 8178

ISSUE 1 = video not loading, although is confirmed as correct by the API.

ISSUE 2 = this is meant to be white label. please explain why my LIVE client site has your branding on the Video Error message? This is far from white label. I am not happy at all about this. Every time your platform has a problem (which might be frequently reading into your other emails and my own experience my clients will find your branding. Please make your video error page White label as per what I've bought into..

Other issue

Can you come back to me on my prior emai I need a confirmation from you on what limits are going to present on my account. The email I sent to you was:

Hi Elliott,

Thanks for your email, I appreciate your coming back to me quickly.

I can take on board what you say about you are saying that there is no need for us to have more than 100 domains at this time. The other Director is not happy with this though, as come the time when we do need this they say that you will charge us for something that was sold to us on the basis that there was no limitations.

Sorry - but I have to agree with this as I've been down the path so many times now when buying software online with guarantees to find that the guarantee does not stand up. It's a shame that there was some confusion and misleading information from WPMUDEV - as we like what you stand for and what you are doing. hey, we have done mistakes before but when you put something online and sell it, but organisations need to back what they are are selling.

We did buy into the deal of 'no limitations' for the video plugins and while we don’t need this for hundreds at this point we'd like some confirmation from WPMUDEV that you will honor what was sold to us rather than charge us an unknown amount in the future - we have no idea what charges you are thinking of - all we were aware of when we bought the service is that there was no limits to the amount of use we could have.

In saying this, we are happy to meet you at a "mid point" - but as mentioned we are realistically looking to growing our client base and do not want to be restricted to 100 videos and face futher unknown charges.

I am sure you understand that it is not fair to make us agree to an unknown future charge when you were advertising no limitiations.

Can you come back to me with a confirmation on what you can do, lets get a fair agreement in place.

Many thanks