Noob needs help changing Header fonts

I'm a WP/BP noob, going through the pain of migrating a blogger blog to WP/BP.

I'm noticing that Header 2 fonts are consistently different than the rest of the text. There's got to be a simple way to change the H2 font for the entire blog, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Mason


    If you have a link to your site we can more easily provide specific instructions. However, as a basic principle if you need to customize something that isn't available through the Theme or Styling Options, then you'll need to add in the CSS code manually.

    It's not difficult once you get the hang of how it works and really gives you total control over the look of your site.

    I'd recommend taking a look at the tutorials Tammie has developed here:

    And specifically this one is a great tool:

    Basically, you'll need to open the style.css file and add a new line at the very bottom (whatever is last in CSS has the top priority) that looks something like this:
    h2 { font-family: Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif; }
    You can customize the font, of course, but take a look at the tutorials I mentioned to help ya get started!

    I think you'll enjoy the control and extra abilities you get having moved from Blogger - and don't worry, we were all noobies at one point :smiley:


  • philrosenberg

    Masonjames - Thanks, but I'm not a designer, don't know CSS, and enough HTML to do basic blog posts. I know how to indicate that certain text is a header in a blog post, but don't know how to make sure the font of the header matches the rest of the post (so the reader doesn't see any difference).

    Is there any way within the theme itself to change fonts universally for a specific header type?

    Otherwise, using firebug to edit CSS files is way over my head to do it myself ... unless someone literally walked me through the process.


  • Mason

    Hiya Phil,

    Ok, I was thinking you were looking to really fine-tune some customization, but you may be able to get exactly what you want by looking at the Custom Styling options page for the Daily theme.

    The second option from the top is header font. You should be able to simply change this to match whatever you have for the Body font in the first option.

    Note the message at the top of this option page though: If you want to customise the theme options you MUST have default.css selected

    Hope this helps!

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